The Future Of Technology Is Now

Hi, Jen Monjaras here. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am now leading our Trusted Vendor Program. As some of you know, I am not new to the company, but I am new to this position. In the last few weeks, I reemerged into the adult world (after having my… Read More

Can Clothing Change A Life?

I know, I know… I can feel the eye rolls… and thoughts of “Really Liz, I think that’s a stretch”. By now, everyone knows the deep-seated love I have for a good wardrobe. But I promise you this post goes way deeper than just garments of clothing… #keepreading Whether it’s the post-baby hormones or I’m… Read More

Studio C

Once an Italian grocery store, the quaint structure at 805 Hickory Street has more history and nostalgia within its unique walls than most realize. Located in the heart of Little Italy, the building was built in 1905 by the Caniglia family (Mr. C) as a grocery store. Over the years, it was also home to… Read More

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Shopping And In Life #thatsoundsdramatic

If you know me, you know that I specialize in the pretty and rarely take into account the useful. When someone says to me, “I love your shoes!”, inevitably it’s followed with the question, “Are they comfortable?”. And then appears what I can only imagine is a dumbfounded look on my face… of course they… Read More

Long Live MCM

It’s no secret that I love Mid-Century Modern, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I also love the MCM-filled store, Mod Lines, right here in the heart of Omaha! Mod Lines is chalk full of personality-filled pieces, large and small, that scream Mid-Century Modern. From chairs to trinkets, they have it all. Don’t just take… Read More


Today I am sharing seven things I’m kind of in love with… okay really in love with. Okay #obsessed with. ? A little home decor stuff, a little fashion stuff, and throw in some life stuff for good measure! Anyone who knows me knows I crush hard and often… like on the weekly. I crush on… Read More

Back To the Old Me

New Years Eve’s always follow the same old script… you break out your shiniest, most sequined outfit (#yougogirl).  Then you carefully plot your amazing plans for the evening and tomorrow you will pronounce to the Facebook world that this is the year of the “new” you!!! #yes. After 29 years of “new” Liz’s, I’m changing… Read More

Combatting the Winter Blues

With visions of sugar plums, Christmas cookies and wrapping paper still dancing in our heads, how can we even begin to take down the holiday décor?! Good news – you don’t have to! Here are some festive ideas for turning your space into a cozy winter wonderland. Tree Transition A sprinkling of twinkling lights in… Read More


Hi everyone! I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season and have been busy decorating cookies, dressing up your pets and stringing lights all around your humble abode! If you’re still looking to add a pop of color to your home, find a gift for that special someone or decorate your desk at work, look no… Read More


I really love to shop; like, the love runs deep… but over the years, my income hasn’t always shared this love. This post is dedicated to all of you who have a dream similar to mine, and who don’t have the luxury of making it rain cash on a daily basis. I am going to… Read More

Entertainment Tonight… Or In the Near Future

I’ve joked with clients before saying, “I just sell the house. I don’t care what you do with it.” Truth is, I do care. I want you to fill your home with people from time to time. That’s right, I’m talking about entertaining. One of the reasons I have always loved selling homes is how… Read More

Life Lessons Learned from My Most Stylish Clients

Throughout my real estate career, I have truly been blessed with amazing clients. Believe me when I say that having fabulous clients is everything in real estate. You spend countless hours with them, and you are guiding them through the biggest purchase of their life… there are tears, there is drama and sometimes there are… Read More

DIY Essentials

People are always asking me, “I’m not handy at all, but I want to start doing more DIY projects. What tools do you recommend having?” Thankfully, most projects don’t require too many tools, but it’s nice to have a stockpile that will get you through most DIY adventures! If you have NO IDEA where to… Read More

Get Your “Junk” On

This past weekend was a special time of year… one filled with music and treasures… No, I’m not talking about the holidays, I’m talking about JUNKSTOCK! Located on an old dairy farm at 192nd and Dodge, Junkstock is celebrating five years of junk, live music and delicious food! Junkstock is the event of all events… Read More

“Cheers” to Omaha Fashion Week

You know that one place you go where everybody knows your name? For me, it’s Omaha Fashion Week… Except no one actually knows my name… I mean literally no one. But the sentiment is definitely there. When I sit down at an Omaha Fashion Week show, I am surrounded by my people. They get my… Read More

OMG! MCM! The Obsession with Mid-Century Modern

This week we’re talking about what I have been obsessed with for probably the past year… and the obsession isn’t fading anytime soon! Mid-Century Modern: I love it! I’m not the only one out there who has an affinity for this revolutionary take on modern furniture and architecture. Wikipedia says, “Mid-century modern is an architectural,… Read More


Realtor Liz Fossenbarger is back and so is her fashion forward fabulousness! Read on for her savvy approach to fulfilling a (slight) shopping addiction, right here in Omaha. I’d like to start with a confession… I have a slight shopping problem. And by slight I mean rather large. I am, by definition, an emotional shopper…. Read More