New Years Eve’s always follow the same old script… you break out your shiniest, most sequined outfit (#yougogirl). 

Then you carefully plot your amazing plans for the evening and tomorrow you will pronounce to the Facebook world that this is the year of the “new” you!!! #yes. After 29 years of “new” Liz’s, I’m changing my tune this year. There will be no “new” Liz in 2017… what there will be is the “old” Liz.

NYE Sparkle

I was getting my hair cut the other day and the salon had a display of jewelry for sale, and I saw this little gold bracelet that said “Remember Who You Are”. Coincidentally, I had been wanting a new gold bracelet to wear on the daily so I scooped it up.

As all women do, I spent my next two hours at the salon contemplating life and its meaning. #verydeep. In the past few years, a lot has gone down in my life and I was thinking about who I am today and who I want to be tomorrow.

Walking Yourself Down the Aisle
I lost my dad a few years ago, just months before my wedding. I struggled hard with the looming decision of who would walk me down the aisle on the big day. I ultimately decided to walk myself down the aisle. No one can replace a dad. Life lesson learned: sometimes it’s ok to walk yourself down the aisle. I never want to forget the courage and empowerment I felt that day. So, here’s to being courageous and empowered in 2017!

Mom Jeans
In the past year, I lost a baby and, recently, gained a baby (see adorable baby below). Also, my wardrobe has mostly consisted of all black outfits this past year. Correlation? I’m not sure. There is no greater grief than losing a child. I always said to people that when you lose a parent, you lose the past, but when you lose a child, you lose a future. If I learned anything from the “old” me, it’s that the harder something is, the greater the outcome will be. So, here’s to the hard things in 2017!

P.S. You know damn well there will be no mom jeans in my 2017. In fact, the only pair of jeans that fit me right now are black skinny jeans, so if you see me roaming the streets, have no doubt I will be wearing those.

Adorable is an understatement.

Finally, what would my blog be without a little fashion advice…

You CAN Pull It Off #reallyyoucan
Wouldn’t 2017 be a much better year if everyone just wore what they wanted to, and didn’t think about how others would judge them? When I discovered my love for fashion years ago, I didn’t give one thought to what people would think of my outfit, even though there had been a lot of fashion fails in my past. It was beautiful because I didn’t care. I was single and believed everything I wore was on point. I didn’t feel the pressure of “Is this what a wife would wear, is this what a mother would wear?” Who cares… all I was concerned with was “Is this what a “Liz” would wear?” Now, one of the things I hear, almost weekly, is “I couldn’t pull that off.” I’m going to share my best-kept fashion secret with you… ready? You CAN pull it off!!! Yes, you can! Anyone can pull off anything! #truth. Was I made inherently different so that I’m able to pull off fur coats and jumpsuits? Nope! Anyone can if they want to. So, in 2017, here’s to the “old” me who had an overabundance of self-confidence and a lack of caring for what the “judge-y” people thought! #fearless


All love to all of the “new” yous that are going to be out there this year, but I think that for once I might take some cues from the good “old” me. 🙂

What kind of “you” will you be in 2017? Share in the comments below!

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