We’re committed to bringing sellers together with qualified buyers to produce solid results.

Our auctioneers offer real estate auction services for residential, commercial, land and personal property. Our auction staff will evaluate your property, consult with you regarding your objectives and guide you through the entire auction process.


What’s so special about an auction?

An auction is an event! It attracts attention all by itself; it’s exciting, thrilling and fun to attend. It compels a bidder to act or face losing the opportunity forever. Your real estate is valuable. We don’t guess what it’s worth – we take it directly to the market and are not satisfied until the final high bid is received during the auction.

What are the advantages to holding an auction?

  • Auction buyers come ready and willing to buy. An auction attracts qualified buyers who have arranged financing in advance of the auction.
  • An aggressive marketing campaign is held in advance to the auction, which heightens interest in the property and puts all potential buyers on notice that it is time to take action.
  • An auction brings the whole market together at one time where each bidder has the opportunity to immediately and directly challenge all other bidders. This competitive bidding returns a valuation on the property unobtainable with any other form of marketing.
  • The seller is able to plan exactly when the property will sell. The seller establishes when the sale will close and how soon the proceeds will be ready to put back to work.
  • The burden of numerous random showings, individual offers and lengthy negotiations are eliminated using the auction method.
  • Property is sold quickly and efficiently reducing expensive carry costs related to taxes, financing and maintenance.
  • Property preparation costs are limited to what is appropriate for the client.
  • The buyer is responsible to inspect. The seller makes no implied guarantees that give rise to delay and litigation.
  • Offering property at public auction ensures that it will sell at its true market value.
  • A large amount of property can be sold quickly using the auction method.

What types of property do you sell?

We auction all types of real estate as well as associated personal property. Auctions are popular for a wide range of investment items including residential, commercial, land, investment property and personal property. From homes, apartments, commercial property, farmland and recreational property to development and acreage land, we have proven success with the auction method of competitive marketing. 

How will my property be marketed?

We coordinate with advertising specialists to find the correct combination of signage, print and broadcast media, direct mail, sale bill posting, internet exposure, as well as press interest to reach prospects in the market for your property. All attention will be focused on your auction property while other property for sale in your area tends to stall until your property is sold. 

What will it cost me to sell my property at auction?

The seller will pay for the cost of advertising along with normal closing costs such as half of the title insurance, half of the closing agent’s fee, prorated taxes (if applicable), any mortgage or lien balances due and transfer taxes. If you engage in a tax-free investment or business property exchange (Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code), additional fees will apply. We recommend that you seek legal advice or consult with a qualified intermediary regarding a tax-free exchange prior to listing the property for auction.

How much do you get paid?

A buyer’s premium is added to the successful bidder’s last bid, which is paid by the buyer at closing. This is an open and honest means of compensation in that we only collect a buyer premium on the top bid made at the auction rather than on the total purchase price. We make sure that bidders are aware of the buyer premium before the auction.

What are the terms on the sale of my real estate?

The successful bidder will make a deposit of 10% or more of the sale price, which is non-refundable if they are unable to close the sale. Closing will take place on the date the seller designates, usually within 30 days of the auction. The property will be sold as is with no warrantees or guarantees; however we must abide by applicable state and federal laws regarding condition disclosure and lead-based paint hazards. The sale of the real estate is also not subject to buyer financing. That doesn’t mean they can’t finance the sale, in fact they usually do.

Will my real estate sell at auction?

Our real estate auction listings successfully close the vast majority of the time, traditionally over 90% of the time. Ordinary real estate listings have a far lower success rate. Auction buyers come pre-qualified and they buy with no contingencies, meaning fewer roadblocks to closing. 

I want to sell at auction, what should I do?

Take the first step by contacting us so we can meet with you and evaluate your real estate. If your property is already listed with a broker, we would be glad to cooperate with them on your real estate auction. If you are attempting to sell your property by yourself, the auction method is your most effective option because you remain in control, you receive market value and the cost to you is limited. 


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