I know it has been a while, but did everyone’s heart break when the TLC series What Not to Wear went off the air or was it just mine?

What Not to Wear was a show that offered not only invaluable wardrobe advice, but some worthy life lessons as well. And let’s be honest, we could go back to a “simpler” time. Instead of getting advice on what not to wear, I have been deciphering if I hear, Laurel or Yanny (obviously Laurel)! 

In honor of my (still) favorite show, I bring you…what not to wear (while looking for houses). Plain and simple, wear something you love. Wear something that is you. And wear something that makes you confident.

And last, but certainly not least is…

Feel free to reach out to me for advice about a new home OR a new outfit! And let me know what wardrobe items are a must-have for you this season. Happy (and stylish) house hunting!



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