Rachelle Plambeck is what you get when you take more than a decade of property management experience kindness, integrity, and a full-on obsession with Omaha. Rachelle, an Omaha native spent her childhood in a home originally owned by her great grandparents in the historic Vinton Street District. Familiar with people and areas spanning the entire city, if you can’t find someone that you and Rachelle know in common within six degrees of separation, you’re not really trying. 

Rachelle brings a wealth of experience in both entrepreneurship and management to her role as Manager of Residential Property Management. Having successfully owned and operated her own business for over a decade, she has a proven track record of identifying opportunities for growth and developing innovative solutions. With 18 years of experience managing and training managers for a major national retailer, she received multiple sales and leadership awards and developed a deep appreciation for the importance of building strong relationships with team members. She began her career in property management while working for a national company headquartered in Omaha and hasn’t looked back since. Rachelle quickly established herself as a highly effective and dedicated professional committed to providing exceptional service to tenants and property owners. 

As the Manager of Residential Property Management at PJ Morgan Real Estate, Rachelle leads a team of talented professionals to ensure each managed property is maintained to the highest standards. Her team manages over 500 properties, including 100+ homeowners associations in the Omaha Metro Area. As a client, you can expect to receive exceptional service from Rachelle and her team, who are passionate about their work and committed to providing the highest level of support to tenants and property owners alike. 

As a true local expert, Rachelle is also known for her ability to uncover the best-hidden gems in Omaha. Whether you need a recommendation for a new restaurant, a fun activity, or a unique place to explore, Rachelle is the go-to source for insider tips and local knowledge.