Rachelle Plambeck is what you get when you take more than a decade of property management experience add kindness, integrity, and a full-on obsession with Omaha. Rachelle an Omaha native, spent her childhood in a home originally owned by her great grandparents in the historic Vinton Street District. Familiar with people and areas spanning the entire city, if you can’t find someone that you and Rachelle know in common within six degrees of separation, you’re not really trying.

Combining her experience as a property manager, leasing agent, and small business owner, Rachelle has found her perfect spot as the Property Management Director at PJ Morgan Real Estate. Along with this leadership role, Rachelle continues to manage her own portfolio of commercial and multi-family properties. As a client, you’ll love Rachelle’s responsiveness, compassionate nature, and knowledge of Omaha.

It is Rachelle’s goal to make every client feel important, supported, and in wonderful hands. Besides offering an expert opinion on the management of your property. She is ready to assist with all your commercial property needs. She also just might help you find a hidden gem for your next night out in Omaha!



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