Miranda McQuillan is an HOA Property Manager. With her engaging personality, problem-solving skills, and collaborative approach, Miranda is known for her ability to gather information, listen attentively, and relate to people’s needs. She believes in proactive troubleshooting and aims to find practical solutions to ensure positive outcomes for her clients. Miranda’s love for people and their stories makes her adaptable and open to working with a diverse range of clients.

Before her role as an HOA Property Manager, Miranda honed her marketing expertise while working in Chicago and Las Vegas. During her time there, she managed marketing campaigns for Wild Oats, gaining valuable experience in the field. Miranda holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and advertising from UNL (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and had the opportunity to study French in Besancon, France. Miranda’s enthusiasm extends beyond her work. She actively manages the social media for Alliance Française Omaha and has a love for travel, exploration, and learning about different cultures and people.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Miranda is an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Master with over 10 years of experience in the cheese industry. She is passionate about cheese and co-owns a side gig called “Miranda’s Cheese Love” with her friend and business partner. Through this venture, she shares her knowledge and love for cheese with others.

She has a strong connection to her hometown of Omaha. She’s enjoyed witnessing the dynamic changes and embraces the shifts in arts, culture, affordability, and housing. In her free time, Miranda enjoys attending concerts, as well as pursuing her creative outlet through drawing. She loves spending quality time with family and has a beloved beagle named Buddy.