Our Venue Manager, Kelsey Glynn has a passion for service and a love for creating memorable experiences. With a background in the hospitality and theater industry, she enjoys orchestrating events and has a genuine enthusiasm and dedication to making others happy.

Kelsey is originally from Carter Lake, Iowa, and moved to New York to attend film school. Her experience in the hospitality industry includes working in various restaurants, Bubba Gump’s in Times Square, Jim n Nicks BBQ in Franklin Tennessee, and M’s Pub here in Downtown Omaha. She also worked as the audience service manager at The Rose Theater. Working in a creative environment further fueled her desire to be a part of people’s special days.

Beyond her professional life, she enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. She loves trying new hobbies, crafting, painting, and bullet journaling. She also loves live music, theater, nature walks, traveling, and trying new restaurants.