Once an Italian grocery store, the quaint structure at 805 Hickory Street has more history and nostalgia within its unique walls than most realize.

Located in the heart of Little Italy, the building was built in 1905 by the Caniglia family (Mr. C) as a grocery store. Over the years, it was also home to a woodworking shop and eventually became “Studio C”. The Caniglia’s spared no expense when transforming the space into a top of the line music studio.

With the intention of bringing in big names and creating incredible music, the Caniglia’s flew in the best studio designer money could buy to build a room just like the one used to record Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. Tom Hidley, the maestro of acoustic design at the famed Westlake Audio in Los Angeles, created the control and live rooms for flawless acoustics. He implemented rock walls and other materials to precisely absorb or vibrate sound. “Westlake-style” rooms were wildly popular and spread to several studios throughout the world. Artists who have recorded in his studios include Madonna, Marilyn Manson and Justin Timberlake. 805 Hickory has been home to many local studios, including OnTrack Music, Commonwealth and Make Believe Studios.

Take a look at the eclectic space and imagine the history that must lie between these walls…

The stories behind 805 Hickory are nothing short of phenomenal. Legend has it an infamous singer locked himself in the “hot tub” room for a few days, with groupies and perhaps some other paraphernalia. Some even believe it was the headquarters for the mafia. In the early 90’s, there were not one, but two attempts at arson. Most of these stories are undocumented, but needless to say, the space is certainly full of character, style and, of course, rock-n-roll. 🙂


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    Hello Colleen, I wanted to see if there were any lease options on the property at 805 Hickory, if it’s still available? Thanks

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