Sharing our love for Omaha is one of our favorite things! There is a rich history of individuals who not only loved Omaha but poured their passion into building and leading successful businesses, and giving back to the city where they built their wealth. These individuals loved the city and created a community filled with arts, culture, animals, education, research, and more! 

Margaret and Henry Doorly   

Henry Doorly was brought to Omaha through Union Pacific Railroad, and married Margaret Hitchcock, daughter of a prominent politician and publisher of the Omaha World Herald, in 1904. Omaha’s iconic Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, known today as one of the best in the United States, owes its existence and expansion to Henry and Margaret Doorly.  After Henry’s passing, Margaret’s generous donation of $750,000 to the Omaha Zoological Society in honor of her late husband led to the renaming of the zoo in 1963. Throughout the zoo you will see other names of local philanthropists, thanks to Margaret’s contribution, she inspired other philanthropic donors to make contributions too.  

George and Sarah Joslyn 

George Joslyn made his fortune in Omaha through The Western Union Paper. The couple shared a love and passion for giving back to the community. They built their home Joslyn Castle in the early 1900’s and hosted many fundraising events and gatherings. George was described as a man who gave generously to those in need and referred to as the “County Relief Fund.” Sarah served on executive boards for local nonprofits and was known for her hands-on approach to her charitable work. As a memorial to her husband, Sarah built The Joslyn Art Museum.  

Rose Blumkin 

At the age of twenty, Rose Blumkin married shoe salesman Izya Blumkin, and together they traveled 3,000 miles from Russia to America. In 1937, Rose ventured into the furniture business with a $500 investment, starting in the basement of her husband’s store where Nebraska Furniture Mart began. Even in retirement at the age of 96, Rose couldn’t resist her entrepreneurial spirit and opened “Mrs. B’s” across the street. Her legacy lives on with Mrs. B’s and Nebraska Furniture Mart and other landmarks like The Rose Blumkin Theater, Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, and Rose Blumkin Drive. 

Richard and Mary Holland 

Richard and Mary Holland, long-time supporters of medical research, established the Cardiovascular Research Laboratories at the Durham Research Center. They also played a crucial role in founding the Nebraska Coalition for Lifesaving Cures, energizing key business and community leaders to support research in Nebraska. The couple generously supported the arts, making the lead gift for the Holland Performing Arts Center, which opened in 2005 and was named in their honor. Their wealth was built from Richard taking over his father’s advertising agency, and Richard was one of the first people to invest with Warren Buffett.  

The impact these individuals made resonates in every corner of the city. History is being made right in front of us as we watch Omaha continue to grow. If you are considering a move to Omaha, or finding a new neighborhood, reach out to one of our agents today! 

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