I know, I know… I can feel the eye rolls… and thoughts of “Really Liz, I think that’s a stretch”.

By now, everyone knows the deep-seated love I have for a good wardrobe. But I promise you this post goes way deeper than just garments of clothing… #keepreading

Whether it’s the post-baby hormones or I’m getting soft in my old age, for the past few months I have had a heightened awareness for the extreme injustices in life (I promise this has nothing to do with politics or world problems). #dontevengetmestartedonthat

This sense of awareness has to do with the people within our own community. From homeless children to abused animals, the list goes on. Unfortunately, most of the time our brains stop us from seeing the list because it’s nearly unbearable. In fact, I read a quote once that talked about the nobility of being able to sit with someone else’s sadness… #youcanneverfindaquotetwice. What stops us from comforting others is not knowing what to say or do. We feel uncomfortable with their sadness, so we just stay away.

I know two things for sure:

  1. Everyone has something they are passionate about.
  2. The smallest thing can change someone’s life for the better.

And if you’re lucky you can fuse these two things into one.

I recently set out to combine my two passions. In real estate, you are very conscious of your reputation and what your personal brand stands for. I think everyone should be concerned about the legacy you leave behind in life and self-aware enough to realize that sometimes you don’t get 100 years to make that legacy. I’d like to think a huge part of my brand is my authenticity and kindness. I 100% support doing good for others with nothing in return. I searched for a place to volunteer, where I could merge my love of clothes and my need to help.

I found two amazing organizations that help women and children who have been abused:

Not everyone has the ability to volunteer, but I think everyone can exercise kindness. Every good blogger knows you end your blog with a call to action, so here it is: If you can do good for someone, DO IT! If you can follow your passion while doing good… even better. Now I know folding clothes and picking out outfits won’t change the world, but I know the people who end up wearing them will.

If you are interested in volunteering, The Women’s Center for Advancement, Bethlehem House and Lydia House have great programs and would love your help!


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