Now that I am spearheading the Trusted Vendor Program at PJ Morgan Real Estate, I decided to shake things up in 2018 and incorporate an afternoon networking event into our rotation – the “Vendor Blender”.

We gathered for food, drinks, relationship building, and of course, education! We kicked off our first event of the new year with the wit and humor of Ms. Brenda Stuart from ServiceOne.

Brenda and her team presented the many facets of ServiceOne. For those of you that don’t know, they offer home warranties and service agreements; specialize in heating, cooling and Geothermal; plumbing and drains; appliance repair; electrical service; generators; and indoor air quality. They certainly cover all of your home and business needs. In their presentation, they dove down specifically into the importance of heat exchangers and furnace filters – two very important topics for this time of year!

ServiceOne’s lead HVAC technician, Jeremy Ebertowski, talked to us about the importance of maintaining your furnace, especially the heat exchanger, which prevents dangerous gasses being leaked into your home, including carbon monoxide. He showed us an example of what a crack in one looks like. When there is a crack or separation in the heat exchanger, the furnace automatically shuts down to protect the air quality. Safety obviously comes first, but Jeremy explained that it is a difficult conversation when there are sub-zero temperatures outside and a family is freezing inside. “Grab your space heaters!” Our agents, property managers and vendors were in awe of the heat exchanger – they had never seen one in person! Making sure the heat exchanger is in top working order is just another way to keep your family safe from possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Jeremy then talked about the function of the heat exchanger inside a furnace, the importance of annual maintenance and changing furnace filters on a monthly basis. We all know that furnace filters need to be changed, however, once Jeremy started the topic, the questions came rolling in… How often do you need to change a furnace filter? Why do they need to be changed? What is the correct way to change a filter? Do you need a certain brand of filters?

Of course, Jeremy did an amazing job of answering everyone’s questions. He explained that, depending on the brand/furnace type, filters need to be changed anywhere from once a month to every 6-8 months. A great rule of thumb is to get in the habit of changing it monthly just to be on the safe side!

Why do they need to be changed? For the overall efficiency of your furnace! Due to pets, allergens, dust and so many other elements that can’t be controlled, it is an effective way to keep your furnace running well. What is the correct way to install the filter? Now don’t be offended by the name of this video, but check it out for a quick lesson on installing a filter!

If you’re like me and don’t want to have to worry about taking care of your furnace, give ServiceOne a call. Their home warranties take the guesswork out of maintaining things like your air conditioner, appliances and plumbing. Sounds like a great deal to me! Visit or give Brenda a call at 402-593-1111 for more information.

Thank you to Brenda, Jeremy and the rest of the ServiceOne team for lending your expertise to us! Hopefully, it will help us all stay warm this winter. Also, congratulations to owner John Churchill, for celebrating 15 years of ServiceOne! They are proud to be locally-owned with over 90 employees.

Throughout 2018, we look forward to growing our relationships with vendors, fellow agents and property managers through our Trusted Vendor Program. Ask me how you can be a part of our awesome program today!

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