Urban legends are a fun blend of history, mystery, and the unexplained. As October rings in the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to dive into the stories our community has gathered over the years, from underground tunnels to haunted parks we have you covered on the city’s most iconic urban legends.

How many stairs are there at Hummel Park?

“Allegedly” Hummel Park is one of the most haunted parks in the US. There are many stories about Hummel Park, one of them being the mystery of a stair case in the park. You won’t be able to count the same number of stairs going up as you count going down. Is it a trick of the mind? Hummel Park certainly has its secrets.

Reservation for One at Brother’s Sebastian

Local Omaha steakhouse Brother Sebastian is said to have a former customer in a tweed jacket visit who enjoys knocking glasses over, relighting candles, and opening doors.

The Story Behind the Black Angel

In Council Bluffs, there is a sculpture called “The Black Angel” honoring Ruth Anne Dodge, the wife of General Dodge. The sculpture was said to be inspired by a dream Ruth had three nights before she passed. She dreamt about an angel standing on a boat holding a bowl. As the story goes, she had the dream three times, each time the angel told her to “take a drink” from her bowl. On the third dream she drank from the bowl and passed away.

Anybody home at Joslyn Castle?

Joslyn Castle is a 35-room mansion situated near Midtown that was built by entrepreneur George Joslyn his wife Sarah. The family still holds a presence in the home. Stories that voices are heard from the upstairs, and a spirit dressed in a white dress is said to float down the stairs. 

Tunnels to the Theater

Downtown Omaha hides some underground secrets. One thing we know to be true about these tunnels is that the tunnels were used to store coal and merchandise. Rumor has it, the tunnels linked to a wild “sporting district,” connecting hotels, gambling joints, and even the infamous Gayety Theater Burlesque Club. From the mid 1800s to the early 1900s, it was the place to be.

Spirits Marching Through

As one of the oldest army posts in the region, Fort Omaha is rich in history. It was home to thousands of US Army Troops. So naturally, there’s a treasure trove of tales about the spirits of former soldiers and hospital staff who still march around.

Ghostly Performances at The Rose Theater

The Rose Theater is a cultural gem in Omaha, but it’s not just the living performers who grace its stage. Some claim to have witnessed performances from “the afterlife” while seeing shadows in the venue.  

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Whether you’re searching for a space with history and mystery or simply looking to be part of the stories that make our city special, our team is here to help you find the perfect place to call home. Do you have any local urban legends we didn’t mention? Share them below!

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