The past couple of months have been very exciting for PJ Morgan Real Estate! Our CEO, Ryan Ellis, and President, Susan Clark, celebrated 3 years of ownership of the company, and our team moved into our new office at 7001 Dodge Street.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new building was finally having room for our team to gather and interact while enjoying lunch, having a meeting, or celebrating with a happy hour. We wanted these spaces to feel comfortable and create conversations and we have worked to achieve that through a unique blend of vintage and modern décor.

Using vintage and second-hand décor is a sustainable way to decorate and lets you showcase sentimental items that have maybe been passed down through your family. However, it can be tricky to ensure your spaces are cohesive. We wanted to share some of our favorite vintage pieces in our new office, as well as some tips on how you can mix vintage and modern pieces into your own home or office.

Tip 1: Group Similar Items Together
Group your vintage pieces together, and then add in your modern pieces.

Tip 2: Make a Statement with Large Pieces
Add a large vintage piece to create a focal point in any room and build around it.

Tip 3: Bathroom Touches
The bathroom is the perfect place to add thrifted pieces, whether it be a vintage print or a fun vintage dish to hold soap or hand towels.

Tip 4: Use the 80/20 Rule
When mixing styles 80 percent of the room can be one style, and 20 percent of another style. This creates a cohesive look without looking chaotic.

Tip 5: Make it Eclectic
Mix and match natural textures like leather and faux fur to create a balance amongst your vintage pieces to create a fun eclectic vibe and infusion of personality.

If you know where to look, you can find beautiful pieces all over Omaha, from small statement pieces for your shelf, to a unique footstool to hold a plant or vintage books. Check out a few of PJ Morgan Real Estate employees’ favorite places to find gems for their homes.

Ryan Ellis:

Favorite local thrift spots: “The New Life Thrift in Bellevue is a hidden gem! They have a wide range of furniture and a ‘specialties area’ of extra unique items. The Goodwill locations turn over inventory really fast so are always worth scoping out!”

Favorite thrift finds: “I found a campaign-style wood table for one of our conference rooms right before I was about to order a “designer table.”  The table I found was under $50 and the designer version was thousands of dollars – so we reinvested the savings in other new furniture and local art!  Also, I found lots of wooden tennis racquets over time and made a sculptural art piece for my house.  It is quirky but I really love it!”

Kelsey Landenberger:

Favorite local thrift spots: “I love Hand Me Ups on 156th and Maple and Tip Top Thrift. I’ve been going to both of those for years. But I also feel like it’s good to try new ones and mix it up! Sometimes my favorite place can be a total bust and somewhere that has been a bust in the past can be awesome. You just have to be patient and enjoy the process.”

Favorite thrift finds: “Things I’m really drawn to are unique barware, fun dishes, art, lamps, mirrors, and cool decor pieces. I really like pieces that are unique and feel like they have a story or feel like they could lead to a good story (like fun cocktail glasses)! There are some staple items that I like to thrift too like curtains, wreaths, seasonal items, lamp shades, and things like that. Those are things that when purchased new, I always feel like they’re more expensive than they

Rachelle Plambeck

Favorite local thrift spots: “I love thrifting around Omaha, but my favorite store in town is Mcmillan’s Antiques on Leavenworth. They always have great art, furniture, and many random treasures. “ 

Favorite thrift finds: “One of my favorite thrift finds is a nativity scene I found downstairs at McMillan’s Antiques. It was made in Italy in the 1950’s. I love pulling it out every year during the holidays. There is something so special about a unique thrift find that gets used year after year.”

We hope you found these tips helpful. Do you have a favorite local thrift store? Share with us in the comments below or tag us on social media!

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  1. Name *Sarah Graham said at 8:03 pm on November 2nd, 2022:

    You guys need to check out Artisan Commons! Artisans is a micro business owned and operated by Duet, a loyal PJMRE client. It is located at 410 Galvin Rd North in Bellevue. They are open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays and are always a fun place to stop! You can find them on Facebook . Perhaps there is a collab that can occur! Congratulations on the new space!

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