Make A Payment

Thanks for visiting our website! This is where you make payments.

You may pay the following payments here:

• Application Fees: $25.00 per applicant.
• Security Deposit: Please contact your property manager for the exact amount.
• Rent or Dues: Please refer to your statement or contact your property manager for the exact amount.

To make things easier for you we offer several options for submitting your payment. Please select your payment method below.


Check or Money Order: You can submit check or money order payments to our office. There is no service fee for this type of payment. You may drop off in person or mail payment to:

P.J. Morgan Real Estate
7801 Wakeley Plaza
Omaha, NE 68114 


We contract with a third party system, called Rent Payment, to receive safe and secure online payments. Rent Payment charges the payer a service fee for all payments made through their system. Please review the service fees below and if you’d like to pay online, please choose one that works best for you:

E-Check: A flat service fee of $1.95 per transaction.

MasterCard or Discover Card: The service fee is approximately 2.5% of the transaction amount (the exact percentage may fluctuate). This means if you are paying $1,000, your transaction fee would be approximately $25.

VISA Card: The service fee is approximately 2.5% of the average monthly rent of the rental property (the exact percentage may fluctuate). If the monthly rent is $1,000 per month, the service fee would be approximately $25. Please note: the VISA service fee can potentially be much higher than other options because the charge is a flat fee based on the monthly rent, NOT the amount of the transaction. For example, a $20 application fee for a property with a monthly rent of $1,000 will have a service fee of $25 ($20 application fee + $25 service fee = $45).

Make a Payment