Alyse Morgan has been passionate about organization and real estate even as a young child growing up in a very busy real estate centered household.   After going to school at ASU in Arizona, Alyse returned to the Omaha area to work in her father’s real estate business.  After gaining experience in the property management department, Alyse began managing her own portfolio of residential properties.

As a property manager, Alyse’s responsibilities include leasing properties, obtaining bids, working with vendors, move-in/move-out inspections and coordinating maintenance.  She is also responsible for communicating with both owners and tenants.

Alyse is also the founder and owner of her own organizing company, Morganizing.  While going about her job, Alyse noticed that many of the properties she managed could have been so much more appealing with a little bit of organization and rearranging.  She began to redesign the closets and adding shelves to cabinetry to achieve more efficiency and right away, she noticed her properties seemed to rent themselves.   As time went on, Alyse’s success motivated her to create her own organizing business.

As a property manager and entrepreneur, Alyse brings her property management experience and organizing skill to her work.  Her attention to detail and outgoing personality, make Alyse a valuable and successful property management professional.



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