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One of my favorite parts of my job is watching my clients fall in love with their new home.

I love the look on their faces when we walk into a house and it hits them – they’ve found THE ONE. Much like in relationships, when you find the right one, you just know.

Enter the “Honeymoon” Phase

During this “honeymoon” phase, all you want to do is think about your house. You must put an offer in right away. You CAN NOT lose
The Honeymoon Phase, clients are in love with their soon-to-be home so much, they often become blind to addition issues or the future process. All they can think about is how much they love that house!this house! You mentally start to move into it. You look at photos of the house online every few hours and imagine what it will look like with your furniture inside. Odds are you have driven by it several times to see how long your commute will be, or what it looks like at night, or to check out your new neighbors, or just to be sure the people living in your soon-to-be home are taking care of it!

Buying a house isn’t a simple process, though. There may be bumps along the road that can be hard to weather when dealing with your potential new home. Here are a few of the biggest emotional hurdles that I see buyers go through.

The Home Inspection

Just like no person is perfect, no house is either. And this is why it’s important to do your homework before Home Inspection, during this phase a professional home inspector does a walk through and analysis on your potential home, and bring back any additional information.you fully commit. A home inspection is when you hire a home inspector to come to the property and find out everything that’s wrong (or right) with it. Brace yourself! This is not always easy to hear. You think, “How can my ‘perfect’ home have anything wrong with it?! What the heck am I supposed to do now?” Luckily, your REALTOR® is there to walk you through each issue and discuss your options – live with it, fix it or chuck it. Your Realtor and home inspector can also help give you ballpark estimates for any repairs recommended.

Just like no person is perfect, no house is either.

The Appraisal

You’ve just recovered from the home inspection and now you hire another Appraisal, during this process your home is analyzed and then based of that analysis a calculation of your homes worth is determined.stranger to determine the true value of your soon-to-be home. If the appraisal value comes back high, you are filled with joy and pride, and think, “That’s right; I knew it was a winner!” If the appraisal comes in low. You. Are. Mad. “Who does this guy think he is? My soon-to-be home is worth clash royale gems more than that!” Most times the appraisal process is uneventful, though. The appraiser goes out to the home, inspects the nooks and crannies, goes back to his office, works on the report, sends it to the lender and BAM! It’s appraised close to the price you agreed to pay.

The Final Walk Through

Last on the list of emotional hurdles is the Final Walk Through, during this time you get to see your home and celebrate what is soon to be yours.final walk through. At this point, it’s been days, maybe even months, since you’ve seen the inside of this home that you have fallen for. You cannot wait to hold the keys in your hands! All day long, you are consumed with thoughts of the home. What it looked like, how it smelled, and where you’re going to place your favorite comfy couch! You arrive early, waiting anxiously to get through the front door. Your Realtor opens the door and… it’s empty. It looks so different than you remembered! Then your eyes light up and you remember all the ideas and plans you made for the home when you first saw it. This home will soon be yours! The rush of falling in love washes over you again. It’s going to be a long night, as you anxiously await closing on your dream home the next day.

You cannot wait to hold the keys in your hands!

The emotional hurdles of the home inspection, appraisal and the final walk-through can be daunting to a prospective buyer. But trust me, the end result of owning the home you fell in love with is worth it! Also, I’m right there with you! If you’re ready to find “the one” give me a call today, I can’t wait to see you fall in love too!


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