I’d Rather Write About His Dog

I have known artist Watie White for what seems like a lifetime now. I had the pleasure of leasing him his first studio in Little Bohemia approximately 10 years ago. If you haven’t heard of Watie White, do yourself a favor and Google him now. I will not even attempt to describe his work or style;… Read More

Look What’s Coming!

If you’ve read my blog posts before, you know they usually come with a long story and lots of text.  This time you’re in for a treat… less rambling and more photos! Because we manage neighboring properties, we were given the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new Film Streams Dundee Theater and… Read More

From Drab To Fab

Most of us have a passion in life – kids, work, sports, fashion, cooking, etc. However, even with the likes of the Internet and Pinterest (most days I feel like a Pinterest fail, by the way), it is nearly impossible to stay up on what’s trending. As much as I would love to be an… Read More

The Future Of Technology Is Now

Hi, Jen Monjaras here. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am now leading our Trusted Vendor Program. As some of you know, I am not new to the company, but I am new to this position. In the last few weeks, I reemerged into the adult world (after having my… Read More

Mashup: Traditional Meets Modern

I’ve shared my love of MCM with you a few times, so today I’m going to mix it up with a hybrid of styles! One of my favorite design “tricks” is marrying old and new. So, when I was asked to design the renovation of a 1922 four square, I was thrilled. Check out the… Read More

Rustic Renovations

My husband and I moved into our house in 2012. It’s a beautiful, classic farmhouse built in 1917 that sits on six acres. The house is the perfect size for my husband Jason, our dogs Clancy and Platte, and me. BUT when we invite a few friends over, we hit max capacity real quick! Last… Read More

Long Live MCM

It’s no secret that I love Mid-Century Modern, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I also love the MCM-filled store, Mod Lines, right here in the heart of Omaha! Mod Lines is chalk full of personality-filled pieces, large and small, that scream Mid-Century Modern. From chairs to trinkets, they have it all. Don’t just take… Read More

Combatting the Winter Blues

With visions of sugar plums, Christmas cookies and wrapping paper still dancing in our heads, how can we even begin to take down the holiday décor?! Good news – you don’t have to! Here are some festive ideas for turning your space into a cozy winter wonderland. Tree Transition A sprinkling of twinkling lights in… Read More


I really love to shop; like, the love runs deep… but over the years, my income hasn’t always shared this love. This post is dedicated to all of you who have a dream similar to mine, and who don’t have the luxury of making it rain cash on a daily basis. I am going to… Read More

Paul Talks Fall

Hello, Life + Style readers! With yesterday marking the first day of fall, we can now break out the warm colors, cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes! And not only does fall bring deliciously flavored beverages, it also brings a whole new opportunity to celebrate the season in the form of home décor! I’ve already… Read More

DIY Essentials

People are always asking me, “I’m not handy at all, but I want to start doing more DIY projects. What tools do you recommend having?” Thankfully, most projects don’t require too many tools, but it’s nice to have a stockpile that will get you through most DIY adventures! If you have NO IDEA where to… Read More

Get Your “Junk” On

This past weekend was a special time of year… one filled with music and treasures… No, I’m not talking about the holidays, I’m talking about JUNKSTOCK! Located on an old dairy farm at 192nd and Dodge, Junkstock is celebrating five years of junk, live music and delicious food! Junkstock is the event of all events… Read More

OMG! MCM! The Obsession with Mid-Century Modern

This week we’re talking about what I have been obsessed with for probably the past year… and the obsession isn’t fading anytime soon! Mid-Century Modern: I love it! I’m not the only one out there who has an affinity for this revolutionary take on modern furniture and architecture. Wikipedia says, “Mid-century modern is an architectural,… Read More

MTRL DSGN: No Vowels, Just Genius

If you’re an 80’s child I hope you remember the movie Real Genius. Those unforgettable characters – Chris Knight, played by Val Kilmer (below), and some dude who played Mitch. And the unforgettable popcorn scene at the end of the movie. Well… I suppose some of you may not know the movie. Basically, it is a bunch of… Read More

Combatting the Winter Blues

Paul Hanson returns to Life + Style with more Interiors, Renovations & OMG’s! In this edition, “Combating the Winter Blues,” learn how to turn your space into a cozy winter wonderland! The Holidays are over and it was a joyous time! I hope everyone had as wonderful a season as I did! Now the sad part…taking… Read More

The Magic Mattress

Hannah Porto shares her experiences as a Realtor and Property Manager, keeping in tune with her love of small town living, in her series Green Acres. Stuff. Do you like stuff? I certainly do. Particularly stuff for my house. I don’t care what anyone says, a great scented candle and rockin’ tea towels hanging from… Read More

Easy Country Holiday Crafts

With the holidays fast approaching, I’m always looking for new and creative gifts or home décor for the season. I was talking with my pal, Hannah Porto (another fantastic Realtor here at P.J. Morgan Real Estate), about getting creative and she mentioned that she lives on a farm…LIGHT BULB! I asked if I could come out… Read More

Entryway Expressions

Hello and happy Friday! Welcome to the first in a series of posts we call Interiors, Renovations & OMG’s. I’m Paul Hanson and I’ll be sharing design advice for making your home come to life, tips on updating your spaces and my latest style obsessions! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! As I was… Read More