2017, I’d say you were… a beast, a bear, a challenge for sure.

You ushered in changes both big and small. You made me laugh, cry and scream. Yes, I did them all.

So much life, it was almost scary. The experiences were vivid and certainly varied.

How was business in 2017? Sales were strong, but inventory lean.

I had to learn new skills each and every day. Negotiating tactics to get clients their way.

More REALTORS® in town than houses for sale. I never stopped trying. I refused to fail.

I am grateful for the chance you gave me to grow. And thanks for keeping those mortgage rates low!

I’m going to level with you, 2017. People have said bad things about you… some downright mean.

Our nation seems divided and some news is called fake. You shined a bright light on mistakes that we make.

My Facebook feed could be divisive and mean. Shaking my head at events I had seen.

As terrible as these events could be, it made us ask questions about society.

Like “do confederate monuments still have merit?” Or “when women are harassed, should they just grin and bear it?”

It seemed like one step forward and two steps back. I trust that 2018 we’ll get back on track.

What track is that? It’s hard to say. For me, I’m working on how I show up each day.

Because “how we show up” is almost all we can change. Our attitude, our confidence is the name of the game.

So, as 2017 comes to an end, advice for 2018 to you I will lend.

Be present with others and get off your phone. Save the checking of texts for when you’re alone.

Don’t listen to respond, but listen to understand. It’s okay that your life is not going as planned.

Be patient with others, especially yourself. Know that your friendships are the measure of wealth.

Go out on a limb and take a chance. Your neuroplasticity will thank you in advance.

If you need help with real estate, just give us a call. PJ Morgan Real Estate sells houses both big and small.

We will lease you an office, sell your business if needed. We are truly amazing… sorry if that’s conceited.

We truly appreciate all of our fans. In the space below, please share your 2018 plans!

The end.

From all of us at PJ Morgan Real Estate, we wish you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous New Year. We look forward to serving you in 2018!



No matter what stage of life you’re in, P.J. Morgan Real Estate is here for you. We offer commercial salesleasing, and property management; residential salesleasing and property management; business brokerage and real estate auction services. We’re with you for life.


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